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Things to know, questions to ask...

...before you embark on a project.

It seems that every week we read about projects significantly escalating in costs and delays. Another recent example is the renovation and modernisation of what was formerly named Colston Hall in Bristol, which has seemingly doubled in cost and been delayed by a year.

With the cost originally set at £48.8m in 2018, and revised to £52.2m a year later, the expected cost of the project has now risen to £106.9m.

But what things should you know? And what questions should you ask before the project starts?

Our published book, 'Making Sense of Challenging Projects' will educate, enable and encourage teams to 'do better' in the managing for success.

Making Sense of Challenging Projects' by Michael Ocock and Barry Trebes available in print and as an eBook.

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