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Fraud and Bribery


In recognition of the Fraud Act 2006 and the Bribery Act 2010 and other legislations relating to Fraud and Bribery, Trebes Consulting Limited will take all reasonable measures as far as practically possible and take full responsibility to ensure all employees and associated persons act within the Fraud and Bribery Acts and legislations.

Trebes Consulting Limited recognises that working within the acts and legislations that are in place, is of upmost importance to ensure a fair and ethical working environment.
Our policy is to:


  • Act within the framework of the law and good practice, ensuring compliance with anti-fraud and anti-bribery laws and legislations, wherever that may be. We will maintain a rigorous and effective framework of fair business practices, acting fairly in all business relationships.

Trebes Consultancy Limited takes the issue of Fraud and Bribery extremely seriously. It is our intention to provide an honest and responsible working environment for our Directors and company personnel by:


  • Complying with any anti-bribery and anti-fraud legislation that applies in any jurisdiction, in any part of the world in which they may be expected to conduct business

  • Acting honestly, responsibly and with integrity

  • Safeguard and uphold Trebes Consulting Limited's core values by operating in an ethical, professional and lawful manner at all times

It is our intention to achieve an honest and fair working environment wherever that may be. Bribery and Fraud are strictly prohibited under any circumstances.

Trebes Consultancy Limited will review this policy on a regular basis.

For and on behalf of Trebes Consulting Limited

Barry Trebes, Director 

Download this policy as a PDF.

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